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Scarf, JUDY - chocolate/turquoise

Scarf, JUDY - chocolate/turquoise

Exclusive, limited edition, square scarf (66x66 cm) in our "Judy" print. Hand rolled hem. Chocolate, turquoise and beige.

Wearing this scarf, you will not only add a luxury accessory to your outfit, but also bring a bunch of extraordinary women along, giving others the opportunity to discover them too. Read more below if you're curious to know more about this print.

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About the print

This design was born out of necessity and gratitude. There are countless women of the past who played a vital role in shaping the world as we know it today. They have contributed an unbelievable amount of knowledge, discovery, and talent in every field throughout history.

Whether their contributions have been ignored, neglected, glossed over, or unfairly forgotten, they were rebels and world-changers of the first order. Many of the women represented in this design also fought for the right for women to determine their own paths.

Wearing this print, you will bring these women along, and give others the opportunity to discover them. They are interesting for their courage, intellectual capacity, perseverance, innovation, public service, excellence, audacity, fight for freedom...

You will find pirates, adventurers, artists, scientists, activists or inventors like:

    • Alice Guy – the first person film director in history, inventor of cinematographic fiction and narrative cinema
    • Fatima Al Firhi – founder of the oldest university in the world
    • Lilian Bland – journalist, pioneer aviator who designed, built and flew her own plane
    • Albertine Necker De Saussure – writer, educator and early advocate of education for women
    • Eva Dickson – adventurer, writer, pilot and the first woman to cross the Sahara by car
    • Ching Shih – pirate who commanded one of the largest fleets in history.
    • Maria Christina Bruhn, chemist and inventor, likely to be the first patented female inventor of Sweden. She created a gunpowder packaging that would later be used in the Swedish army for many generations to come
    • Ada Lovelace – mathematician and writer, the first female programmer in history
    • Janaki Ammal – pioneering scientist who made important contributions to the field of plant genetics and botany
    • Lavinia Fontana – artist, the first European woman to make a living from art
    • Mekatilili wa Menza – significant figure in Kenyan history who played an important role in the country's struggle for independence
    • Vera Rubin – American astronomer who made significant contributions to the field of observational cosmology. She is best known for her discovery of the phenomenon now known as "dark matter", revolutionary for our understanding of the universe.
      ...and many, many more...


        70% cotton, 30 % silk. OEKO-TEX® standard 100 certified, eco-friendly digital print.


        66 x 66 cm (26 x 26 inches)

        Care information

        Hand wash/delicate machine wash | no bleach | do not tumble dry | low-middle iron


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